“Just do it” the commercial tells us. “Live in the now” say the Buddhists. “Yolo” is the millennial mantra. For me it was “I do”.

Dating is a formidable task even in the best of circumstances. Being vulnerable and authentic in new situations can cause even the strongest amongst us to retreat. When I asked Chelle for a first date I wanted to assess her sense of adventure. She readily agreed…we went to a bingo hall.

Travel & adventure is a common interest for us both. Whether it was a trip around the world or simply just around the corner we wanted it…together. Chelle and I married in June of 2016, in a small backyard ceremony surrounded by family and friends. With the wedding complete we commenced the honeymoon plans but first, we took a side trip.

This summer we visited nearly all of the National Parks in the Southwest United States, a smattering of State Parks, National Monuments, and local historical sites. It was an epic road trip primarily tent camping, although one night nestled in the car at Joshua Tree. We did leave the moonroof open to be under the stars.

My gal has visited more countries, lived in Germany, attended school in Austria and worked in Antarctica. I have extensive international experience but not as a tourist so my request was simple. The destination had to be somewhere she had never been but wanted to go. It has been in my top three travel destinations for some time. We head out at the end of October for two months honeymooning through India.

Travel with us won’t you?